Óscar Quintana has warned of the dangers of the Montenegrin team when they play at home

17 November 2016

The UCAM Murcia CB travels to Montenegro to begin the second round of their journey in the Eurocup. "After the match against FC Barcelona Lassa, we have to play against KK Buducnost VOLI Podgorica. The sooner we win the more confidence we will build, but will also feel pressure, which is never good for an athlete"commented Oscar Quintana.

The Montenegrins, although they have not won any games in Group C, are leaders in their League, where they are undefeated. In addition, they are much more reliable at home. "They are no walkovers, starting with them having a larger budget than us," admitted Quintana. He knows they are "in a losing streak in the League Endesa, but we want to turn it around. We want to win in the Eurocup to rank in the top 16, and from there, be able have a break so that people arrive rested to the national league games.”

The UCAM Murcia CB is proving to be very reliable in European competition, but not so much in the Endesa League. "Unfortunately, we have two sides and we must focus on the game, play a good match and get the win. In the weekend matches we need to get a good run going and climb up," explained Quintana.

The Cantabrian will not be able to count on Ovie Soko, who will be off between 3 and 4 weeks because of a sprain in his ankle. "We were waiting on the tests and in the end, that's the diagnosis. When it is the first sprain, the player always takes a little longer to recover because there are new sensations and there is pain and discomfort"

The match against KK Buducnost VOLI Podgorica will be played on Wednesday 16, at 19.00 hours, and will be broadcast by Channel  7 TV Region of Murcia.