UCAM Murcia CB played a good first half against Baskonia, and a awful second half (87-75)

07 October 2016
Los universitarios, que llegaron a ir ganando por 19 puntos, cedieron ante el mayor empuje del Baskonia tras el descanso y la diferencia en los tiros libres (37-20)

UCAM Murcia presented in the Fernando Buesa Arena aiming to score his second victory of the season in one of the toughest fields of the Liga Endesa. After signing an almost perfect first half in defense, and get to send up to 19 points, the set of Oscar Quintana could not respond to Baskonia 65 points in the second half, leadership by Andrea Bargnani (20 points). The best among college were Facundo Campazzo (16 effective) and Vitor Faveranim, with 13 points and 12 rebounds.