After suffering in the first half the triples of Bayern Munich UCAM Murcia made the Germans suffer in the final straight of the encounter (92-84)

20 October 2016
Photo: Matthias Stickel

UCAM Murcia visited the Audi Dome to face one of the most complicated matches of the first phase of the second round of matches of the Eurocup.  After suffering the accurate shooting of the Germans from long distance, closing the first half with 12 triples, the team of Oscar Quintana reacted in the second half outscoring the Germans by 19 points.  However, the handicap of the first two quarters was too much and victory was Bayern’s by 92 to 84.  Facundo Campazzo was the most outstanding UCAM Murcia player with 26 points, well supported by Antelo’s 18 points and 15 from Ovie Soko.

Bayern started the match well and after the first three minutes gap had opened a 7-point lead (10-3). The referring did not help with Marcos Delia accumulating two fouls. The Germans 100% record for shots tried left the visitors no option to overcome the difference (21-6). The Murcians began to score from long range and threatened to cut the lead but the difference remained strongly in favor of the Germans (32-16).

After the break the Germans continued their effectiveness from long range and with 6 out of 6 triples stretched the difference in their favor (40-18).  Murcia tried a 2-3 defensive zone to try to stop the Bayern cyclone and despite the triples kept the difference down (48-25).  However, UCAM Murcia found no answer for the 12 triples out of 15 attempts by Bayern, stretching the difference to the 62-35 score at the break.

After the break the UCAM Murcia managed to stop the offensive of Bayern during the first few minutes, leaving the score 1-3 at the beginning of it (63-38).  The triples of Antelo and 16 points from Facundo Campazzo put the third quarter in favor of Murcia while Bayern lost their way offensively in front of the basket.  The prominence of Nemanja Radovic and improving defense of Murcia (leading Bayern by 13 points) got the university to 75-53.

In the last quarter the success from long distance Soko and the upping of the pace by Facu narrowed the difference to 20 (79-62). The UCAM Murcia tried to impose a high rhythm game which allowed them cover the arena and force Bayern into losing possession. The strategy of Oscar Quintana of playing with Soko at number 4 and without a power forward allowed the Murcian team gradually claw back the advantage of the Germans.   From 89 to 66 in favor the Germans with 4 minutes to play it went to 89-84 thanks to the good work of Soko and Antelo, together with activity on both sides of the court by Sadiel Rojas.  The 0-18 comeback put the fear into the locals who did not score from the free throw to 30 seconds before the end but they still ended up winning the match. However, the UCAM Murcia fought right to the final buzzer and greatly improved its average. The final score would be 92-84 with Facundo Campazzo with 20 points and 12 assists as the man of the match for the University team.